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Superb Image Quality


With incredibly durable micro-mirrors and precisely sealed DLP engine, BenQ Projectors are built to withstand dust & heat damage, ensuring superb picture quality throughout the test of time.

Accurate Colour

The combination of BenQ's interchangeable Six-Segment Colour Wheel and DLP BrilliantColour™ Technology allows the W2000 to generate precise Cinematic Colour reproduction, rendering Rec.709 and sRGB standards.

Razor sharp

BenQ DLP Projectors generate more light into each individual pixel, defining even the finest details. BenQ's exclusive SmartEco™ Technology automatically adjusts lamp brightness based on content to produce the cleanest most detailed images.

6X Speed Colour Wheel

Exceeding class standards with a 6X speed colour wheel, the W2000 is capable of producing astonishing picture quality with minimal visibility of rainbow effect.

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High ANSI contrast

Colours just aren't true to life without the contrast offered by deep blacks W2000 boasts a high ANSI contrast ratio, built to reveal the most subtle detail in the deepest, truest blacks.

Pro Calibrate

With highly reputed ISFccc calibration built in, W2000 provides setup tools for professional calibration and presets that maximize the image and colour performance for the different light balances between Night and Day.